reader reviews

fiveoffivestars“… A fantasy romance novel with a lot of humor and suspense. […] A fantastic and charming love story.” EBookNinja

fiveoffivestars“… With this book, good fortune comes into the house, it encourages one to enjoy the moment of happiness. […] A rich blend of fantasy, romance, suspense and action. A clear reading recommendation.” Bücher über alles Blog/books over everything blog

fiveoffivestars“… grabbed me from the beginning and takes you into a completely new, imaginative world. […] With surprising twists, full of suspense and lots of emotions.” Bücherwurm/Bookworm

fiveoffivestars“… suspense remains until the end – the finale is very, very exciting. […] I devoured the book!” Buchkata-B-log

fiveoffivestars “… beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Almeri

fiveoffivestars “… beautifully embodied characters and consistently coherent and thrilling storylines in a credible and original fantastic world.” finish

fiveoffivestars “… a more than successful mix of fantasy, suspense and romance. The very well-designed characters, the vivid style and an action that is emotionally charged, exciting and surprising, made me dive in and absolutely elated me. Clear reading recommendation!” Manyas bookshelf


[ As the English version has just been published, I’ve translated some of my German reviews for you. ]


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