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Great reviews!

Talisma has received the first two English reviews – stunning five-star reviews!

“I immediately fell in love with the characters in this book. I laughed, I cried, I wanted so much more when it was over. […] Kaja’s story is one that you most certainly need to be a part of!!” Gabby

“Talisma is an evocative and sweet romantic fantasy tale […] Mohn has managed to create an engaging, enthralling world.” Robin

I’m happy! =D


I’m an Austrian author and I’m going to publish my first English fantasy romance novel “TALISMA” in February (the copy editor should be finished soon). The German version has plenty of great reviews (average rating at Amazon 4,9/5), but now I want to captivate English readers as well! [Humble, I know ;-)]
Please contact me, if you have a blog and you’re interested in

  • reviewing my book (you’ll get the e-book for FREE) and/or
  • taking part in a blog tour for it (I’ll give away a free e-book for you + a free e-book for one of the commenters at your blog; as well as a special package for one of all blog commenters; I’ve already prepared some topics for this tour and I’m up to interviews of course).


The book: TALISMA
Why did Kaja – a bearer of good fortune – suddenly run out of luck? Shadow creatures are lurking in the dark, one misfortune leads to the next, and her fear of being claimed by the aristocrats increases by the hour. Furthermore, she is torn between her seaman and the wild wood wanderer, before whom all warn…
Can she escape her superior opponents? And how will her heart decide?
Thrilling fantasy, dramatic twists and a stirring love story!