the book


Why did Kaja – a bearer of good fortune – suddenly run out of luck? Shadow creatures are lurking in the dark, one misfortune leads to the next, and her fear of being claimed by the aristocrats increases by the hour. Furthermore, she is torn between her seaman and the wild wood wanderer, before whom all warn…

Can she escape her superior opponents? And how will her heart decide?

Thrilling fantasy, dramatic twists and a stirring love story!


The book is already published in German language under the title “Glücksbringerin der Schattenwälder” and delights its readers successfully! 🙂
(You can have a look at the German reviews, with an average rating of 4,9/5 at Amazon here.)
The English version “Talisma” has been professionally copy edited and was published on 25th February 2015.

You can get it here: US / UK


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